Earthlink SMTP for Mobile Users


Yes, SMTP settings will to have to be changed to match whatever service,
different from, that you happen to use. As an outlook user, I
simply created multiple profiles which referred to the same local mail
store. This technique even works with the VPN to the corporate Exchange
system. I just click the correct shortcut (alias) to activate the correct
configuration for my connection status.

My experience with using several domains has been quite
positive. My understanding is that Earthlink can support this because the
subscriber connection itself is authenticated, giving the required traceback
to the end user for UCE policy enforcement.


For more on EarthLink's Port 25 policy see:

That's very helpful! Thank you!

One clarification: Can these users relay through that host, using SMTP
AUTH, from anywhere, or only from within your network? I observe, for
instance, that the instructions for Outlook 2000 (Windows) does not have
them check "my [outgoing SMTP] server requires authentication".

If the former, great! I'll inform my affected customers. If the latter,
they'll have to fool with settings as they move around -- which you no
doubt already know is asking too much of 99% of the population. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I have been traveling extensively recently and I eventually tired of
changing accounts/profiles/settings in Outlook. After having an eLink
account for 3+ years, I switched to AT&T Worldnet which allows me to use
different smtp servers by just requesting smtp pass through permission for
my AT&T account. I think this is excellent that AT&T has found a common
medium to this issue, and I have been very happy with the service I have
received from them. Now, I am no big fan of AT&T, but I do recognize good
service when I see it. Ymmv.

-Jim P.