Earthlink NOC contact needed

I sent this out last week, but the list server seems to have intercepted
and tossed the message.

It seems that some of our customer IP blocks are in whatever Earthlink
uses for spam blacklisting on their incoming mail gateways.

Emails to OpenRelay@Corp.EarthLink.Net have not generated any response,
and calls to 1-800-EARTHLINK result in lots of time spent on hold and not
much else.

If anyone in a capacity to do anything about this at Earthlink sees this,
could you please contact me off-list?

550-EarthLink's inbound mail servers do not allow mail from your site.
550-Please contact your ISP to find out how to send e-mail using a
550-proper mail server. If you are an EarthLink customer, and need
550-assistance configuring your e-mail software, please contact
550-EarthLink's technical support department at 1-800-EARTHLINK.
550-Server administrators that feel they are being blocked in error
550 may send e-mail to OpenRelay@Corp.EarthLink.Net for assistance.