Dutch translation needed

I am not getting through to speed.planet.nl in English, can anyone give
a decent translation of in Dutch (The Netherlands):

"Here are our logs, indicating your host is attempting to access
formmail on our web servers. We have been seeing at least 1,000 attempts
a day
for weeks from this host. Please look into this matter. The logs
are in Mountain US time zone and sync'ed to NTP. Thank you
for your attention to this matter"

James Edwards
Routing and Security

You may want to start with mentioning UTC-7 rather than Mountain, as
outside of the Americas, probably only EST and PST are memorable (if that).
Heck, even living in the US, I have to think about Central vs. Mountain
and fallback to old network programming messages like "ER, at 10pm Eastern
9pm Central and Pacific" although these days, they've even shortened that
to just mention Eastern and Pacific..

Not to mention even in the US we're quirky about when we observe
(if we do) Daylight Saving Time, and how our observance matches that
of the rest of the world, which makes using UTC offsets that much
more important.

"Time is relative. Lunchtime, doubly so"
    -- Douglas Adams, HHGttG