dump of NOS config examples


I am looking for a large dump of example, real but scrubbed, whatever, nx-os, junos, panos, ios, eos, hell any common NOS, configs. (Right now I really need nx-os but I’ll get to the rest soon)

To be clear, I am not looking for anyone’s private config or network info. I just need a large sample of configs to test some config parsing code I have. Looking for every random ugly feature / config option out there. The bigger and uglier the better. (Files that still even have the horrid control chars ^M, \r\n and worse that come out of network devices are the best!!)

Once again, not looking for hack dump of random company X(though I’ll take anything legal). Hoping to not going fishing in malware infested waters for questionable zip files. While I cannot really think of what kind of source would give me what I am looking for on the up and up, that’s what I am hoping for.

Thanx for any help anyone can provide.

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Most vendors publish a command reference document that lists and describes every possible configuration command including all of the random ugly ones.

Would this be sufficient or are you looking for working random ugly configurations? Vendor certification practice tests could be another source.

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No, config references are not real configs. For the most part they don’t have object names, indentation, control chars, or any of the other things you deal with in real configs.

Ahh, I had not thought of the practice tests!! That is a great idea. The “answer keys” of a bunch of config practice tests should be as close as you get to real configs without being real configs.

Anyone know where a big dump of various vendor practice tests answers are?

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Here are some real word configurations: cmdb/output at generated-public · jerikan-network/cmdb · GitHub (including IOS, JunOS and IOS-XR, but no NX-OS).

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