Dropouts since Saturday 1/25/03 only affecting web traffic?

According to Matrix Systems (http://average.miq.net/Weekly/markR.html)
there have been two additional dropouts of global Web reachability on
January 26 and January 28. These dropouts have been for few hours or so,
but nearly as large as we saw from the SQL worm. However it doesn't seem
to affect other network services, as measured by Matrix. Just the
measured web servers. The most recent was tonight from 3-5pm and again
from 5-7pm EST (http://average.miq.net/)

Any ideas what is causing them? Measurement artifact? Are you seeing
something strange on your networks about that time?

A single point of consumer data. I haven't checked by home router logs
since Monday night but I was seeing a pattern of significant incoming
port 80 traffic (I'm not running any services) over the last week or so,
similar to increased 1433/1434 traffic before Saturday's flurry.

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One thing that I see remaining since this past weekend is massive timeouts
and latencies in mail delivery to very popular addresses (@hotmail, @rr.com,
and @earthlink) @att.net seems to be accepting email without any major
issues, hopefully all these issues will continue to slowly return to normal.

-Jim P.

I've also seen a few 25/110/111 requests in my logs
but it didn't seem higher than 'normal.'

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