Drive-by spam hits wireless LANs

I agree, but people said that the spammers wouldn't be able to
deal with BGP route advertisement but there was cases of spammers
injecting routes sending out spam then removing those routes. Wlan is

Spammers come from every walk of life including the various technical
professions. Otherwise where would all the spamming software and
web-scraping software come from!? Just because someone is a technical
expert in BGP routing doesn't mean that they will use their skills the way
that many NANOG attendees would like them to. Even in the early days of
spam, the green-card spammers hired a technical person to set up servers
and write spamming scripts. And let's now forget the uber-hackers who
create the scripts used so effectively by script-kiddies.

And let's not forget, these spammer geeks learn the knowledge from the
same places as everyone else, including the NANOG mailing list. I reckon
there is a 99.95% probability that there is at least one NANOG subscriber
who is a currently an active spammer geek. So if WLANs were relatively
safe yesterday, they won't be safe from now on.

Of course, if spammers are reduced to driving around major cities in vans
generating 802.11b radio traffic, it might be a lot easier to catch

--Michael Dillon