Draft NETSTAT Minutes for 7 Dec. 1995

Is this the GIX-like proposal which suggests a layer-two bridge between
the East and West Coasts?

It is more of a last-resort IP-layer glue for the world's R&E
communities, and just one of the various ideas floating
around about how to ensure Asia-Pacific (mostly but not
exclusively PACCOM/NSI)/European and African (mostly but not
exclusively ICM) interconnectivity among R&E nets.

(Who should pay to connect, for example, Asia-Pacific and Europe?
Asia, Pacific and Europe? NSF? Donation by Sprint?)

Interesting question, however, I think that there is ample
room for cooperation within the bounds of the ICM cooperative
agreement between NSF and Sprint. This really is something
that has to be answered by people higher up than me, though.

The general idea is that this would last no longer than the
remaining year of the cooperative agreement, and that this
would be a way of allowing non-US R&E networks to buy some
time as they work through the long process of dealing
with adjusting international connectivity.