Draft NETSTAT Minutes for 7 Dec. 1995

Finally, here is a bit of postscript which details
how we have constructed all our POPs.

The notes on the right hand side are some of the issues
Peter L. and I raised at the San Jose IETF netstat meeting.

Also, what's not there is a discussion about how having
most customers be behind per-POP ASes allows our various
peers to route towards us geographically based on AS path.

This may prove useful for the other IRCs and NSPs
who peer with us in multiple locations, as a tool for
load balancing and working on symmetrical routing.

Other than customer counts, current bandwidth issues and
thoughts on scaling upwards from our Phase I (page 1) and Ia
(page 2) T3 backbone to a network with faster pipes or a
bigger aggregate of bandwidth, this is the last bit of
doodling I raised during my talk at the IETF netstat.

(I can talk more about those at NANOG and about our perceived
need and rationale for yet more peering points for use by
the big IP carriers, how we would like to do address
allocation and so forth).

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