Draft NETSTAT Minutes for 7 Dec. 1995

I have some ASCII pictures here and there I could
forward you and anyone else who's interested and who
didn't see them on whatever newsfroup I posted them to
(ba.internet or alt.internet.services, I can't remember)
not long before IETF.

Thank you for the corrections... very reassuring since we are
scheduled to switch to SprintLink soon. May I recommend that you
provide information about your network on a web server, say the one at
www.sprintlink.net, which currently has only a little advertising

Many of us are finding web servers convenient to disseminate this type
of information. I have attempted to start describing the network in
our area via http://mon.cc.utah.edu, but I'm afraid it's still an
inadequate model, I'm sure you could do better.

Thanks -- Walt