Draft internic ip allocation doc

No, I think he means longer. IN-ADDR.ARPA can only be delegated on octet
boundaries, so IN-ADDR for /16 and shorter prefixes will be delegated in /16
chunks. IN-ADDR for prefixes longer than /16 must still be maintained by the
root, since they cannot be delegated.

For example, assume an ISP has been allocated the prefix 204.160/14. Along with
this, the InterNIC will delegate the corresponding IN-ADDR domains:


If the ISP were instead only assigned 204.160.0/17, the associated IN-ADDR
range would be:


which is not octet-aligned and therefore cannot be delegated.

Well, you can delegate these as 128 individual zones. With a little
bit of automation to help, it may approach practical. You can
delegate a single domain name in the limiting case.

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