dos of the week? was RE: Level3 routing issues?

my transit traffic doubled (luckily it is the low time of the night for
me) from 10-12ish

I am seeing similar traffic loads on my network at this hour, one of our
MS SQL servers seemed to be sending a large amount of traffic out to the
Internet. Still looking into it but too similar for me to avoid sending
an e-mail.

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I dunno about that. But, I am seeing, in the last couple hours, all
of new traffic.

like, customers who never get attacked or anything, all of a sudden:

We are seeing this on ports all across out network -- nearly 1/2 our
are in delta alarm right now.

Anyone else?

I will dig more to look at the traffic.

> Anyone seeing routing problems with Level3 at this hour? I just
> witnessed tons of prefixes behind level3's network withdraw. Any
> information on what is happening (if you know) would be great. Thanks!
> -hc

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my transit traffic doubled (luckily it is the low time of the night for
me) from 10-12ish

I work at a really large east coast University. Our sensors show the problem
starting between 12:30-12:45am this morning...

Eric :slight_smile: