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Hi Tim Salo! Nice to hear from you, BTW.

I suggest you write an internet draft and send it to end-to-end for

A couple of things to respond, most off topic, so forgive me, please,
but to explain ...

First, I would like to read the end2end archives. Can someone
point me to the archive site?

Second, have a pet-peeve about writing in formats that are not very
'graphical or beautiful', it demotivates me to write ASCII drafts
and therefore, to my own demise, I have never submitted an ID or
other document to IETF. This is not a problem with the IETF,
it is just my personal dislike for reading, writing and printing
ASCII text. I do all my writing in TeX/LaTeX because it is fun
to do the graphics and read the text.... OK, so I'm strange.

Third, If I had a good reliable LaTeX to RFC filter to convert
LaTeX documents to ID/RFC format, at least I could have fun writing
and then turn it into a draft, but I have not found a reliable
filter and am not overly motivated to write one, again my hangup.
But, I would love to find a LaTeX ---> RFC filter.

Forth, I do believe, however it is worthwhile to bring the ICMP
UNREACHABLE issue up in the IETF, not necessarily because of
SYN_RECV, but because there are many present and future
IP issues that better ICMP would benefit, IMO. Hence, I will
volunteer to write a paper in LaTeX--->postscript on the
subject; if interested parties with provide critical comments
so refine the document/draft and then someone will turn the
document into an IETF acceptable format from either LaTeX
or the postscript file.

Two to Four, are just personal pet-peeves that do not require
a response unless someone is interested or has a filter.

However, a pointer to the archives of end2end would be
be appreciated. Perhaps the ICMP UNREACHABLE issue as well
as the SYN handshake issue has been archived there as well.

Sorry, for the digression on my opinion of ID & RFC required
formats... it does have a useful purpose to allow a wide
range of audiences to read them.... however, if it would
be possible to submit LaTex docs to IETF and have them
do the LaTeX --> ASCII filter, I would certainly write more
(which is currently zero) for IETF. (and now I hope everyone
who might wonder understands why... thanks)

Best Regards,


RFC's and ID's are done with good old reliable nroff. It's just as much
fun as TeX and I'm sure there are TeX-2-nroff converters available.

Read RFC1543 and
for more details.

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