DoS, ICMP, proxies, SYNDefender

Thanks for the pointers.

I tried inet-access for about 1 day and never subscribed again.
It is too noisy, IMO, for a distinct login :slight_smile:

linux-net is quiet and the last patch or communique from Alan
was a patch for 'slower' links, as Alan says himself.

I like the 'no-data structures until the' three way handshake
is complete idea that Jeff posted yesterday. Guess I can
applied this to linux.... has anyone done this? If so,
I would rather start testing a patch to save time.



I'm quite sure I could take the code Jeff did and hack it so that
it could be applied to my vacuum cleaner if that was being SYN-

Jeff's a SunOS/BSD bigot as well so I doubt he'll do anything
directly re: a linux port :slight_smile: