DoS, ICMP, proxies, SYNDefender

This is not the right forum to discuss TCP internals nor is it the right
forum to discuss building hardened kernels

That may or may not be true, I'll pass on that one.

What is the name of the 'right list' for this discussion, BTW?
linux-net is quiet and the linux code fragement for linux
does not work on high speed networks.....

If you have a pointer to a better place to work on this, I would
appreciate it. I feel like I'm hacking kernel code in a vaccuum!
Some good suggestion would save time, and I have not found a
good list to work on internals.

All suggestions to good kernel hackers lists working on
this is appreciated.



I think you should ask the people who normal work on Linux internals.
If nothing else, Alan Cox frequents server-linux; send
subscribe server-linux Tim Bass
to (note the spelling netSPaCe)
But server-linux is mostly people who run large Linux servers or large
networks of Linux machines, so it's still not a great place to talk
about TCP/IP internals. I haven't looked into
comp.os.linux.development.system recently but similar things get discussed
there. And these days the Debian Linux distribution is the hot one to work
on so you may find useful contacts at the mailing lists hosted by In fact the Debian lists may be the reason
that linux-net has quieted down.

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