DoS, ICMP, proxies, SYNDefender

Dimo laments: > Yep. Life sucks and we all die.

Victor Hugo, _The Hunchback of Notre Dame_ and _Les Miserables_
both inspired by the author seeing the word FATALITY graphically
painted on a wall in Paris. (I highly recommend _Les Miserables_)
Jean Valjean, the man who, for stealing a loaf of bread to
feed a starving family, lives out his entire life in misery...
... hence, FATALITY (set in Paris in the early 1800s)

Anyway .....

I'll drop off unless someone can provide a technical suggestion
on an algorithm that will stop high speed TCP SYN attacks
in tcp_input.c (otherwise, I'm not moving toward my aim/target)

What is the IPV6 approach to solving this problem? Is there one?