DOS for hire issues

One of the hosting brands we recently acquired is overrun with DOS for hire
providers and individuals. We kill them as they alert however I'm curious
if there's a discussion group or location, contacts, etc we might be able
to coordinate in about the actors behind these accounts (assuming this
isn't the right place for that, however has a lot of the right people).

If I'm out of my lane, forgive me.


Many hosting providers and esp's experience that same issue.

After many discussions at maawg ( a community efford was founded and supported by a few very big esp's helping to optimize their signup proces and implementing customer vetting.

Much can be done on that end to bring down abuse issues.

There is also a community database included where you can 'report' these bad actors. So other people wont run into the same miscreants over and over.

If you make effords to keep bad guys out by tightening up your signup proces things do tend to get better.

Posting on list since i hope, just like we tell people to implement bcp38, more people will look into cleaning things at the far beginning of the chain.

If you want to make the world a better place i think

Raymond Dijkxhoorn

(You can find more about it on the e-hawk site (

Just posting this single url, since i dont know any others that will help you out with that. If other people do know please post offlist to me do i can also recommend that wherever i can.