DoS and cable cuts take toll on entire country of Pakistan

Guessing the motives of attackers is always difficult, but this probably
has less to do with international politics and more with local politics
and personal disputes.
  KARACHI: The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited has decided to
  isolate government websites from Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE) to
  make internet browsers safe from Denial of Service attacks, which slow
  down the internet speed to a snail's pace, sources close to the company
  said on Friday.

  "The PTCL has decided to isolate these (government's) websites from PIE
  by providing a 2 megabyte IPLC link to National Telecommunications
  Corporation (NTC) and all sites are hosted at the server connected to
  this IPLC," sources added.

  "In this way, rest of Pakistan's internet could be safe from DoS attacks
  and only these 2 megabytes link would be effected," they added.
  Pakistani websites have been facing attacks by some hackers for over a
  month and thanks to DoS, the internet browsing is increasingly becoming
  a very trying job by the day.
  The Minister called up the presentation in the wake of strong reaction
  by the ISP community on the denial of service attacks on the Pakistan
  Internet Exchange for the last one month which also took its toll on the
  performance of entire internet infrastructure in the country.

  Earlier the company officials briefed the minister on the problems they
  had faced in the recent past on account of damage to their fiber optic
  cable as well as the incidents of denial of service attacks which slowed
  down the performance of all users.