Don't blame Intelligence or Security Agencies.....

> > > The intelligence agencies in the United States are the best in the world.
> >
> > Mossad would disagree with you.
> > Ever wondered why no one hijacks El Al flights?
> I always thought it was due to two factors:
> 1) Proper security design at the airports that make all the obvious single-person
> low-tech attacks fairly unlikely to work, forcing the use of high-tech or
> conspiracy solutions.
> 2) The reluctance of anybody to be the on-the-ground part of a conspiracy or
> the seller of a high-tech solution, when you *know* that your continued life
> expectancy is very short unless you plan to spend the rest of your life hiding
> under a bush in one of the more inhospitable jungles of New Guinea.

Not to mention the fact that ElAl has multiple armed air marshalls on
*every* flight.

Right, and they are not afraid to use deadly force immediately.