Domino and Message-ID's

{empty msg-ID....}

Are you sure it's really missing? It's supposed to be between < and >
symbols. If you're seeing that email through a web interface, or your
email client is either attempting to display or attempting to strip
all HTML from the message, it might be invisible or missing from your

A) Yes it is blank. I have seen it on multiple recipients, some
with postfix, others EIMS, and "He's dead, Jim" applies.

I only stumbled onto this because Eudora will sometimes NOT show
you the message; and other times will show it when it is new,
and THEN make it vanish. I thought I was losing my mind because
that message was right here and..... (Looks like Eudora may index
on that field, and when there are two or more, bye!)

B) Yes, other Notes installations make proper Message-ID's.
So does theirs most of the time; 90% of their mail to me is OK.
(I looked in my file of mail from him and grepped.)

C) My friend's not an admin of NANOG level, but he's FAR from
stoopid, and spent 4+ hours looking at every variable you can
set to no avail. They have 2 servers, and it's not clear if
only one is doing this, but we think that's the case.

D) I do see other mentions, such as:
but mostly on people wanting to patch THEIR end to make
up for Note's borkeness...NOT how to fix it. Hence this query.