Domains and NIC


1-st, InterNIC do not posses Internet, and it's amazing why they decide to
drop some domain from the Name Servers. If it was done (50$ / month rent)
to clear Internet from the heaps of the garbage, why do not check if
domain you want to drop is in use or not… It's thousands of dead domains in
.com zone, but if don't pay 50$ and they'll remove this domain it'll
cause InterNET to the total collaps simple because a lot of mail
servers fall down due to long mail queue's,

2-nd. You can get fee for something need money to support. You need some money
to register new domain (and 50 or 100$ is not expansive for it), but
let's divide the cost to support all .COM name servers to the number
of domains... - I'll wonder if it'll be more than 1$/1year.

3-d. Why InterNIC? If they can't serve 100,000 customers over the whole
world, have not regional branches - they are not best choise. Guess if
CISCO would get this service, or IBM - they have local re-sellers,
local branches, local people to get money, convert currensy etc...

Yes, it's monopoly, it's the worst example of _socialism_, and it's one of the important things
dangerous for the Internet... If you deal (of 100,000,000$/year) depends
of 1 small company having 1 telephone, 1 fax and don't answering on E-MAIL,
FAXES and phone calls in 3 weeks - it's dangerous...