Domain Rant.

The "what do we do about more roots/domains/etc" stuff is a different
discussion not directly related to the current problem; I don't think
anyone would harbor any illusions that we can get the problems fixed
this week any way but InterNIC fixing them. But if InterNIC doesn't
deal with this appropriately, next week it may be an issue with a half
life of a week or two instead of a year or two as it has been so far.
Whether it's nanog appropriate or not is another story.

I think you need to petition IANA directly (Postel, at least, does not
read NANOG that I know of) to freeze the .COM zone until InterNIC stops
screwing up the billing. I take hardware from InterNIC, but I get my
marching orders from IANA, and if he says "stop transferring new .COM
zones from InterNIC" then I will make that change instantly, and so will
the rest of the roots.