Domain Rant.

  Now, you see. That's interesting, because I don't have any trouble
imagining Paul say no, even to someone who has been giving him money. It
has to do with the nature of the person. That's been one of the hallmarks
of the Internet, the personal integrity of those put into positions of

:-). I guess you can see that David and I have worked together. Twice he
has been my indirect supervisor, and as it turns out he never heard me say
"no" but he has heard me say "f*** o** and d** m*****f*****", and I dare say
that Network Solutions has heard even choicer words when they screw up.

Giving me money is no guarantee of polite treatment. I do the right thing,
money or no money. The funny thing is, people keep giving me money anyway.

A slight correction: You do what *you think* is the right thing.