Domain Rant.

We have two seperate rants here.

The nanog-completely-appropriate rant is that InterNIC has just
screwed the pooch in a massive way and a hell of a lot of domains
which have paid their bills don't exist anymore. I lost count
before heading off to the Bay-LISA meeting tonight where Paul Vixie
was talking about BIND 8... I've had dozens of "me too" responses.
It's beginning to look like just about everyone may have customers
who got bit by this, and what happened, why, and what's going to
be done to fix it are or should be of interest to the big (and small)
networks right now.

The "what do we do about more roots/domains/etc" stuff is a different
discussion not directly related to the current problem; I don't think
anyone would harbor any illusions that we can get the problems fixed
this week any way but InterNIC fixing them. But if InterNIC doesn't
deal with this appropriately, next week it may be an issue with a half
life of a week or two instead of a year or two as it has been so far.
Whether it's nanog appropriate or not is another story.

But my patience on this issue is running very thin right now.
If InterNIC can't do its job, then they need to step aside or
be forced aside. If they have lost the capability to accurately
track payments and are now randomly cutting off service as a result,
they are not doing their job, and the time that this can go on without
becoming the over-riding problem for everyone won't be measured in months.
I have yet to hear any official overall statement from InterNIC
(Mark, are you on nanog?) or any replies related to my specific
domain problem, and it's "good luck" on getting through on the phone
this week as far as I can tell. So the question becomes, if InterNIC
can't get it straightened out, what the hell do we do?

-george william herbert
Speaking only for myself, see prior disclaimers