Domain Parks

@What ISP's can do is stop registering trash domains. Tell your users to put
@their WWW pages in a domain park of some kind, rather than allocating a TLD
@for every one-person "company" whose scope of operations is a local city or

With cooperation from the major browser companies, the world could shift to
"domain parks" or some directory service scheme. (At least for WWW services)

I am really sort of surprised that Netscape and/or Microsoft have not added
a more extensive URL equivalent of resolv.conf to their browsers. Netscape does
allow people to type a name without the http://www and .com but that seems to
be the extent of the "searching".

Using as an example, a browser feature
could allow people to enter some arbitrary string that they want to have pre-pended
to their entries. Using this example, "" could be set
by a user that wants to use the entries for Illinois.

Maybe the browser companies are waiting for the domain system to get overloaded
and will bring out their own "domain parks" and generate revenue by hosting people's
pages for a small fee. If that occurs then almost anything could be used as the
pre-pended string, and companies could fight for a registration in the directory service
of the browser company with the most market share. Of course the large companies
would buy an entry from all of the major browser directory services.