Domain names for ISP infrastructure links

So how do we name internal links in a way that is usefull for
all operators, and conforms to the A-Z 0-9 and "-" and can
be proposed as an RFC?

Well, here's what I suggested to UUNET and Genuity, which they mostly did:




<iface> is something like <type><slot>[-<port>], i.e.,
  fddi0 -> f0 (no port number)
  ethernet2/3 -> e2-3
  hssi4.21 -> h4-21 (subinterface 21)
note that <iface> is optional since the router's loopback
interface address (for IBGP) will just be the router's name.

<router> is something like "CR2".
<pop> is something like "DCA1".

<toplev> is something like "".

I got tired of trying to fix this problem one interface at a time
and finally wrote a script that digests a Cisco config file and
produces both an error report and the named db files. We use a slightly
different convention, but the script is easy to modify.

% cat | ./ifdns -foar.cfg -e

                       Reverse lookup problem report

IP Address Current Hostname Correct Hostname