Domain names for ISP infrastructure links

James R. Cutler writes:

All this discussion is fun, but what about:

  1. Bind implementation enforcing character set restrictions
      should be observed by system configurators.

Isn't a resolver library purposefully junking not exactly correctly
formed domain names in a direct contradiction with the paragraph 1.2.2
of RFC-1123 a.k.a. STD-0003?

  2. DNS delegations are just that. Businesses name entities
      within their naming context in a manner that suits their
      business purpose. Within their own context (and the RFCs)
      a business sets its own naming rules.

Note that this does not rule out being cooperative and sensitive
to the needs of others. But that is the prerogative of the
owner of the delegated naming context. That is the essence
of "delegation" in DNS.


James R. Cutler