Domain names for ISP infrastructure links

3. How do people feel about putting the speed of the link in the DNS name,
I have seen one yea and one nay. I am ambivilant, but leaning towards no,
not for privacy but for administrative ease. If I upgrade a connection I
don't want to have to remember to change my DNS entries.

Personally, when I stare at it, all I care about is the loop
type (DS0, DS1, DS3, OCx, whatever) and in some cases the transport
mechanism (ATM, Frame, SMDS, etc). Since you're going to have
different attributes after the interface type and port, there's going
to be some level of variation.

4. Are people actually interested in pursuing this formally? If a spec was
written would you change your DNS names to conform? Would you be willing
to set up a formal registration process with the IANA for 2(or 3) letter
pop codes to be consistant?

Well, all I'm really interested in (pending this discussion aging a
bit..) is why / can't be a valid DNS character.. I mean, whats really
the problem in simply allowing it?