Domain names for ISP infrastructure links

John Curran supposedly said:

>conventions are fine
>and it's helpful to users and operators alike for names to
>contain a fair amount of information
>but "standardizing" with fixed-width fields, pop codes,
>next-hop router, etc. doesn't seem that productive when
>providers are gonna do what they want anyway.

No... we're going to mandate OID-style router names
for the world's Internet providers:

  <isoc-tree>.<internet-infrastructure branch>.
  <iso country code>.<city ordinal>.<provider #>.
  <facility #>.<rack #>.<shelf #>.<router ordinal>

Great fun to watch (it could be happening this way
in the alternate universe next door.)


Which is exactly why I asked the question if people are serious about
this. I have great fun specifying things (hey thats why I like the IETF
:slight_smile: and would happily spend a few hours coming up with all sorts of great
specifications but I want to know if they have any chance of being adopted.

---> Phil