Domain names for ISP infrastructure links

But instead of h0/0, use h0-0; s2-6; etc...

Just a suggestion...


You might need to include subinterfaces, and FR DLCIs / VC number
as well. We use something very roughly like (I've, urm, simplifed
this, i.e. written down what we ought to use)

<2 letter POP code> <router number> - <1 let card type> <card no>
  - <i/f number> [ - <sub i/f number> [ - <DLCI num> ]]
  [ <2 letter POP code> <router number> ]


is The 1st router in Telehouse Serial2/3.4, DLCI 5 which connects
to the 6th router in MAE-East.

This is readable iff you understand the convention first, which
is arguably an advantage in dealing with some customers.

Just an idea (not and RFC proposal :slight_smile: )

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks