Domain names for ISP infrastructure links

Peter Lothberg writes:

The speed thing is debatable, some people wants it, someone does not,
and someone are willing to pay me $50/mont to make DNS say OC3c on their

SL-POP-ROUTER is kindof Sprint specific, others have other ideas on
how to name routers, how about this;


Not too good either - 1) we are getting dangerously close to the
64-byte limit for DNS labels (we can use
[dlci#.][ts#-#.][port#.][port#.][slot#.] though);
2) those with $50/mo might get really paranoid and request that the
card/port/slot info wouldn't be there at all, as it betrays that they
are not exactly on an OC3c link by the fact that there are too many
others on the same card.

Nope, my routers have another naming convention, bathroom is
for example, r29a..

Just keep it this way and let NOC people use other tools to figure out what
it really means.