Domain Name NASA.COM

Bill Woodcock wrote...

    Um, yeah, certainly nobody's going to mistake _that_ for anything put
    up by the National Air and Space Administration. :slight_smile:
    I'm curious why they picked the letters "nasa" though, if not to
    attract accidental hits, which _would_ violate the spirit of the law?
    I was expecting it to be something like the National Association of
    Something Arbitrary, where there would be clear reason for use of the
    name, and clearly no conflict.

The problem here is not whether the domain did or did not violate the law
or any contract. The problem here is that NSI carries out the role of
prosecution, judge, jury, and executioner, all in one. They have done
this not only with NASA.COM, but also with numerous other domains. Some
surely were destined to be removed and some were not. But the real problem
is that NSI just does not allow for proper due process and this is the 2nd
case where they have arbitrarily accepted another's mere legal opinion as
if it were a judicial ruling. And that is absolutely wrong.

And based on an internal memo I have seen, it is clear to me that their
attitudes really do go along with their actions, and not their words.