Does anybody here have a problem

telling the difference between their NANOG and SCA mail?

since I stopped getting both in digest form, maybe it’s easier to mix the two up by mistake.

Can't say that I do. I've been on NANOG for about 17 years. I used to be subscribed to over 100 technical lists. Despite these two facts I have no idea what you mean by SCA in this context.

I keep reading it as "Society for Creative Anachronism".

Would anyone care to enlighten me about this SCA list? My Googlefu has failed me.



Hi Rob,

SCA is the “Society for Creative Announcements”, which is all about
how to creatively announce your BGP prefixes in ways that get around
filters, prefix limits, congested peering links, Backdoor Santa specials,
and other such hindrances to the free flow of packets in the directions
you really want them to go.

I can completely understand how the original poster could have
gotten the two lists mixed up. Some days, I can hardly tell them
apart myself.


PS–for the humour-impaired, here is your requisite wink: :wink:

There used to be (1990’s) a bunch of guys that were Interop volunteers, but they also owned the Renaissance Fair in Novato, Ca. The company name on the fair program as its owner was “The Society for Creative Anachronism.” I know there used to be a fair amount of overlap between the NANOG group and the Fair people.

Are you referring to mailing lists that lack some kind of added prefix to the subject?

List-Id: North American Network Operators Group <>
IMO good enough for mail filters.