DNS issues various

you might remember or look up smb's presentation on 'pushback' at
some nanog or another (those anonymous hotel rooms kinda blur,
especially before first coffee). that's not perfect, but it
scales. and it's an engineering approach to a technology problem,
always a good sign.

I find citeseer to be a useful tool for finding this sort of technical
information. Go to http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/cs and type in "pushback" then click the search button. Voila!

You do have to be careful about what you do with the information you find
there. Since these are mostly papers produced by academics the quality can
be variable, i.e. a masters course project versus a paper produced by
someone who is a leader in their field.

If people like what they see in the papers discussing "pushback" then why
not push this issue back into the lap of Cisco and Juniper?