DNS ideas

With all this craziness in DNS land lately (the internic going nutz, the
root domains wigging this morning, etc.), I had come up with on the
craziest thoguhts I think I ever thunk (!!). Anyway, what about a
structure like this:

1) Root domain name server operators (RDNSO) -- a selected 10 or 15 people
in the US and abroad would provide thier *own* equipment, the bandwidth, et
al. The would do this *for profit*. They would be reviewed, approved, and
contracted by the 'internet community' as a whole, maybe that community
represented by a commitee or a board. These people would get PAID for
having the TLD servers. By who? See #2 # #3.

2) Forward Registries -- Everyone has been complaining about how bad the
internic, etc., and why should we have to pay for domains, etc. So, my idea
is this. The registries would *pay* the RDNSO to host thier TLD's on thier
server. This would provide a fair, and equal way for competition among
registries, without having multiple '.'s (ala alternic), and wouldn't
compromise the RDNSO, beacuse if they screw around and listen to the wrong
registry, etc., they would be thrown out. The registries can charge
anything they want; but, the consumer will have the advantage of choosing
which regsitry they want to use. The only disadvantage is that a TLD (com,
edu, net, etc.) is 'owned' by a particular registry. But, hey, thats why
you go to Ford if you want a Taurus.

3) Reverse Registries -- pretty much the same as #2, but in the ongoing
effort to conserve ip space (tm), the formation of multiple reverse
registries should be regulated (excuse the term, but nothing else really
applies). I think the end-all decision of who gets to be a reverse registry
is by the IANA, then approved by the board in #1.

Any comments?

Sounds like eDNS... and that model does work IMHO.