DNS Hijacking by Cox

I can't help but notice you totally avoided responding to what I wrote;
I would have to take this to mean that you know that it is fundamentally
unreasonable to expect users to set up their own recursers to work around
ISP recurser brokenness (which is essentially what this is).

That was my point.

And, incidentally, I do consider this a false positive. If any average
person might be tripped up by it, and we certainly have a lot of average
users on IRC, then it's bad. So, the answer is, "at least one false

... JG

The only way any human activity will NEVER have a single false positive, i.e. mistake, is by never doing anything.

Do people really want ISPs not to do anything?

Its more resonable to expect users to know how to remove bots and fix their compromised computers?

Consider it an opportunity for somebody to get a new revenue stream. It
can be your provider, or a competitor, or a 3rd party support company.

Your choice. :slight_smile:

Is it more reasonable to expect bots to implement recursive