DNS Hijacking by Cox

> It looks like cox is hijacking dns for irc servers.
> isn't there a law against hijacking dns? What can i do to persue this?

no, its their network and they play by their rules.. the law would
prevent them from inserting data into 3rd party servers or from
masquerading as someone they are not or other marketing unfairness
(such as serving their site in place of their competitors).

Kinda like masquerading as an IRC server that they are not. The customer
may have actually expected to go to that IRC server, and if not, they are
in fact masquerading as someone they are not.

if you are a cox customer you might want to have a reasoned discussion
with them and find out more details and whether you can reach a
resolution. if they dont play ball tho you ultimately would have to
vote with your $$ and switch..

That's not too practical. We've pretty much given up on competition in
the broadband markets here in the US.

It might be interesting to talk to a competent Internet lawyer, however.

... JG