DNS Evolution Alert

The success of the DNS experiments that lead to
the commercial deployment of multiple Root Name
Server Confederations has resulted in an increased
awareness and education on the part of network
operators and members of the Registry Industry.

It should not be surprising or disruptive that this
success will cause the continued growth and evolution
of Root Name Server Confederations. As some of you
may know, the eDNS Root Name Server Confederation
is about to evolve into what appears to be three distinct
Root Name Server Confederations.

This evolution should increase the number of active Root
Name Server Confederations from 5 to 7. NANOG
subscribers that are following these events may want to
pay careful attention to the operational issues of these
evolutions because the fragile DNS does not always

One of the benefits of the eDNS evolution is that one
of the new Root Name Server Confederations has
announced that it will take the new BIND 8.1 code
and use it as a base to evolve a new base of software that
can help address many of the lessons learned from the
extensive research done by leading edge, alternative,
DNS advocates.

Since this research is not funded by the U.S. Government's
National Science Foundation (NSF) it may not be considered
by some to be valid or of any value. No matter where you
stand on that issue, you should at least know that it