DNS ed.gov translations

ROTFL what an honour ;-), as we are in to weekend mood anyway I share
the reason for this. When I joined Colt my signature did look like this:

___ ___ ___ ___ Ralf Weber t: +49 (0)69 56606 2780
\C/ \O/ \L/ \T/ System Administrator
V V V V COLT Telecom GmbH f: +49 (0)69 56606 6280
                  IP Services e: rw@colt.net

As did everyone's, I think - it's great that we had such an ASCII-art-friendly logo :slight_smile:

That was used until our lawyers decided that as with real letters it
was their duty to design the fine print on email also. This lead to
what you see now below. I don't like it but am bound to use it. In the
signatur select box of my email program the signatur below is named "rw@colt.net
violating RFC1855".

I moved all my work-related mailing-list subscriptions to personal email when the legal departments started getting hold of .sigs. It seems pretty much impossible these days to post from a work address to any external email at all without looking like an idiot. (Of course, just removing the legal boilerplate doesn't, in itself, *prevent* me from looking an idiot, before anyone goes for the obvious...)