DNS delegation for non-octet boundaries

>> At the most receint NANOG some methods of delegating DNS (in-addr.arpa's)


>> non octet boundaries was disccused. If I remember correclty
>> there were two parts to this, regarding delegating individual
>> records, and some other process.

We, JPNIC, are recommending ISPs to use a method proposed in the
draft-degroot-classless-inaddr-00.txt when ISPs allocate prefixes
longer than /24 out of their block.

Is there any known problem in this method?

Not as far as I know. I know of only one minor nit: bind 4.9.3b17
prints an extroneous warning message, which has been fixed since then.

People have been using this for some time already, it is just not
widely known which is why havard and I wrote it down.

Re-sending the (slightly updated) draft is long overdue.
I'll try to fix that ASAP

Geert Jan