DNS curiosity

Ehud wrote:

% nslookup
set type=ptr



Sounds like the rampant automation and customer-over-correctness of the
New InterNIC applied on an HSTreg.

[joe's standard flame on turning an arbiter of authority into a
customer-service bureau deleted, along with the usual examples of
post-charging RFC1480-violating ORGs, NETs for COMs, EDUs for
'remote campuses' of existing EDUs, et al.]

[rant about not being able to serve the conflicting masters of
desires-of-the-clueless/unordered and logical clarity similarly

[final tirade about pushing the mess toward the root of the tree doesn't
clean up the mess and how responsibility of the veracity of data weighs
in on those managing/registering the data deleted in kind with the

We now return you to your regularly sceduled unsummarized flames and

Disclaim, disclaim; organizatiuon listed for identification, not
endorsement/affiliation; I only had one cup of coffee writing this;
etc etc.