DNS curiosity -Reply

This is because some one at surfvision.com registered a host record
for banzai.surfvision.com as It is also possible that this host was
registered by someone out side of the domain surfvision.com as Internic
wasn't paying that much attention in the past for regestring hosts from
proper authority.

Once in a while when root servers gets updated, root servers
will directly answer queries for host records instead of forwarding to
primary server of the domain holder. That is the reason you are seeing
root servers answering in this format.

The way to get this fixed for sufvision.com is they can send an e-mail to
internic with template to modify host info for banzai.surfvision.com or
removal template to remove it and it will go away.


Ehud Gavron <GAVRON@ACES.COM> 05/06/97 12:22am >>>

% nslookup
set type=ptr


lserver f.root-servers.net
repeat query

lserver c.root-servers.net
repeat query