DNS contamination

As of the financing the bind project - if asked, I wouldn't recommend to
participate in it, as it's one mess of a project and the amount of time and
money necessary to produce a robust operational product is comparable with
the amount of time and money necessary to create a new product from
scratch, addressing the operational issues in its very design. Too bad the
major OS vendors don't usually have a clue and stick to the freely
available product of an experimental, demonstration-of-concept project.

There are several commercial alternatives to BIND, two of which are written
from the ground up. However, neither one has the benefit of years of tuning
and tweaking, and as yet the "DNS Clarifications" draft isn't part of the
standard and I'm not sure yet that it's exhaustive in any case. So, for the
time being anyway, BIND is what I recommend that any major name server run.
BIND-8 is quite a bit more robust, and it _is_ being funded by some vendors,
just not enough vendors. That's why I'm poking at ISP's like yourselves.