Diversity - was: Fiber cut in SF area

Crooks, Sam wrote:

I'm considering use of AT&T / Verizon / Sprint WWAN services and the
Cisco 3G router interface cards/integrated module in C880 routers for
primary or backup WAN network connectivity for routers.

I'm looking for information from users of these services on the

I have only Verizon at the remote locations. But I have messed with the others.

- addressing - Do these WWAN services use dynamic, PPPoE or static IP
assignment typically? Any of the 3? All?
   - is static IP assignment available?

Verizon is private NAT by default. They will provide a static public IP address for a one time fee of $500. If I recall right, it's still PPP, but you get the same IP address every time.

As of 6 months ago, Sprint did not have a static IP option. I now hear that they do.

- do these service providers use NAT within their network?

- How is the service reliability? In most cases, is the service
available for use when you need to use it?

Depends on your location and the type of radio (USB or pcmcia) you use. The USB ones tend to flake out on me more, but it might be the router or other issues.

- How is the service coverage area? Do you have problems getting
sufficient coverage in the deplouyment location to support desired
speeds (say 512kbps up/down as a minimum)?

Once again, this depends on your area. I use it as a last ditch effort when DSL is not available.

- is ESP / IKE / IPsec permitted through un-rate-limited and un-molested
by the providers?

No problems using IPSEC tunnels (Cisco PIX) over Verizon EVDO.

- If you build a IPsec/GRE tunnel over these services, do you have
frequent issues with the tunnel dropping, or a dynamic routing protocol
running through the tunnel going down frequently?

The Cisco Pix series tend to rebuild a dropped tunnel, so I can't say I have looked into it that deeply.

Also interested in similar information on impressions of similar EMEA
WWAN service providers, particularly Vodaphone and T-Mobile, if anyone
has experiences with these.

I have had issues running IPSEC tunnels over a local WISP. Whenever they would drop out do to maint (normally once a year), I could no longer establish an VPN tunnel. It would often take days to weeks before the tunnel would work again. Something in their system would drop the packets.

Never found the cause and switched over to EVDO.

No problems bringing up a VPN connection on my laptop, tethered to my G1 phone on T-Mobile.