Disney+ Issues

Anyone from Disney+ here? If you can reply off-list I’d appreciate it. I have emailed every place I can think of to solve a geoip problem affecting hundreds of customers, no reply in weeks.

Would appreciate some help thanks in advance.

Hi Norman

Anyone from Disney+ here? If you can reply off-list I'd appreciate it. I have emailed every place I can think of to solve a geoip problem affecting hundreds of customers, no reply in weeks.

Yeah we just went through the same thing.
Many other providers in Italy have been impacted as well.
Only way we found to resolve the issue was single customers opening tickets…
We tried at the provider level but were continuously rebuffed.
The single customers opening TTs had it resolved in minutes and after a bunch did the others were able to connect...
If you do find a way to get it done on the provider level I would love to hear about it.


I am having this same trouble, again.

Last year, it took over 4 months to get it solved, and required outside-normal-channel assistance from more than one person who reached out to me directly off the NANOG list. If not for that, I don’t think it would have ever been resolved.

It just started happening again this week to the same IP block. No responses so far.

It is amazing to me that most IP streaming services do not appear to have a NOC. Broadcast networks all have operations centers or master control rooms to address issues.

Did you try:

Disney+: E-mail them the trouble subnet at TechOps-Distribution@disneystreaming.com. Also, TechOps-Services@disneystreaming.com will probably be where that sends you. Another possible email is disneyplusispsupport@disneyplus.com.


We too are having the same issue - started suddenly around 6-8 weeks ago having worked fine for at least a year. I have no idea what they changed. Based on my first hand knowledge, these E-mail addresses go nowhere where anyone either can - or wants to - resolve issues.

Disney+ appear to be the worst outfit at handling this kind of thing: They have no concept of a service provider wanting them to update an entire block - they are fixing this for individual customers who call them but we are calling them weekly, and E-mailing regularly too; but go around in circles where someone promises to call back having sorted it. This never happens.

They also appear to use some opaque geoloc service (who themselves don't have a "you have this wrong" button) and really don't care that they are making life difficult for their paying customers!

We have to keep telling new customers variations of "Yes, this is Disney's fault, no we can't fix it" which doesn't go down very well because "It worked fine with my previous provider, it must be your issue". Apart from suggesting they cancel their subscription because of Disney's incompetence there's not much else we can do :frowning:

<rant mode>
I get that you have to appease rights holders and do this idiotic geolocation thing, because they are still obsessed with geographical boundaries in the 21st century. But if you are going to do this, can you please damned well fix *your* screwups when you get it wrong in a timely manner - or don't bother doing it at all.
</rant mode>


Disney+ appear to be the worst outfit at handling this kind of thing: They have no concept of a service provider

Aren’t all of them that way? That’s been my experience. Their front line support often tells me to call my ISP.

As much as I hate legislation, more and more municipalities are levying a tax on streaming services. I wonder how the taxing bodies would feel if they knew that the company doesn’t even know where their customers are.

The fact that it even has to come to this idea is ridiculous but I wonder about the success of holding a normal customer account with repeat offending streaming services so you could report this, by proxy, /as/ a customer.

Minus that whole pesky billing address customers provide their streaming providers.

We've had tremendous success with NetAdmin@disneystreaming.com fixing ESPN+ and D+ issues in the past.


As ridiculous as it sounds, I can confirm I had an experience like this. I once had an issue where a customer was having issues with streaming from Netflix where they kept getting the message that they were using a proxy/vpn. They wouldn’t even talk to me about it until I provided them an account that had an active subscription applied. By the time I finally got someone to look into it the problem had resolved itself in their backend. I still keep an account around with the base subscription in my back pocket just in case it crops back up again.

We're having a heck of a time with this, customers are posting all
over social media about it etc.
The company who does their ip classification is Neustar and we have
been talking to them.
For some reason they do not comprehend the fact that companies in
these days must lease ip space
due to the shortages. We are delegated ipv4 from a datacenter (in
addition to our own ip space) which
is all used for our eyeball network of home users. They said "This ip
space is from a hosting company", which
it is not.. it's from a datacenter where some of our core gear
aggregates routes from all the carriers in that hotel.
We backhaul all data out to our pops all over San Diego and it ends up
in customers homes.

Ips are properly delegated, but they tag them as VPN and HOSTING when
they are not. Worse off, they said
they won't change it. I asked them if they monitored NANOG and they
didn't know what it was. Nice to know
the people making those decisions are not paying attention to the
network world and making those decisions that
affect many many people. With great power comes great responsibility.

I’d suggest you reach out to hosting company and have them mark the block(s) in question as re-allocated to your organization. Also Neustar does support self-published geofeeds so you could also publish your own + leased IP space and them get them to subscribe to your list.

In our case, it is a /17 that moved from Germany to us in the UK after a purchase a year ago.

If we look up the block in question on Neustar's website, it correctly geolocates to the UK - and they correctly fetch the ISP information from RIPE. This has been the case for ages (and I don't think Neustar has ever shown it incorrect after we notified them - along with other geoloc companies - that it was now UK-based).

So if Disney+ are using Neustar, they are caching the results somehow or applying their own secret sauce that gets it wrong.


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Disney+ started error 73'ing me and my customers again. Same as back in November 2020. Hooray for breaking things that used to work.

I tried the chat method again, but unlike last time where they asked me for IP ranges in chat, now I've been given a case number and someone is supposed to email me back in 3 to 5 business days. So I guess we'll see. Worst case I'll buy a subscription and complain I can't get service since I'm a customer of myself at home.