Discussion point: Telco quality?

ferguson@cisco.COM (Paul Ferguson) writes:

This latest fiber cut just kind of jarred my brain into the
realization of what "telco quality" services really boils down to.

In the end, all services, both traditional telephony services and
data services, are more alike than people give them credit for. :slight_smile:

I get a chuckle when I see the Lucent advertisments about making the
data network as reliable as the voice network. I understand it is
just marketing, but it does show a rather basic misunderstanding of
the relationship between voice and data network reliability. I guess
it is like most things, the more you learn about a subject the less
you really wanted to know about it.

Are there similarites between the voice and data networks? Yes.
Are there differences between the voice and data networks? Yes.

Will the entire telephone system fail? No.
Will the entire Internet fail? No.

Are there things that can happen to both which will really ruin your day? Yes.


Actually, on 2Sep98, PacBell had a CO failure that knocked out service, in
Livermore, for 12 hours. Voice, data, everything, not even 911!