Disaster recovery follow up


Having had my own (albeit politically insignificant) email disaster I have
lost the dialogue I was in with a number of you further to the previoud
posting (below).

Could any of you I was in contact with please come back to me resend me your
previous emails (and indeed any other comments of input any of you have) to

My apologies and thanks in advance,

(Previous message inserted)


I was wondering if anyone on this list might know the maximum number of
route updates that can be sent in a BGP Update message. Alternatively, it
would be nice to know the max length of the NLRI portion of the message.

I am trying to configure Class-based-weighted-fair-queueing (CBWFQ), and I
would like to work out how much bandwidth I need to assign to a BGP class
match. We are currently grabbing the entire table of 106+K routes, and
would like to do this as a preventative measure.

Any help would be appreciated,

Tim Devries
Net Eng.
Inquent Technologies