Direct Phone Number which is regarding for AS297

>ISTR +1-888-xxxx being the international equivalent of 1-800-xxxx

Close, but no. The prefixes for international "caller pays" calls to
US toll free numbers are:

  US Int'l

(800) xxx-xxxx -> +1 880 xxx xxxx
(888) xxx-xxxx -> +1 881 xxx xxxx
(877) xxx-xxxx -> +1 882 xxx xxxx

Watch out:
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I know that's not an "official" source of information, but this page
does claim that they intend to deallocate those area codes soon.

I suspect it is because, as the number of toll free area codes increases
(866, 855, 844, etc..!), it's becoming a burden to have to allocate a
"mirror" code in each case as well.

Anyway, I believe it's possible to have a toll free number that's only
dialable in one area and have the same number allocated to someone else
who has a toll free number only dialable from some other area, as long
as the areas don't overlap. So who would the international caller reach
in that case?


Correct, just like my Jamaica example, they allocate 800 number right now
and there is a large amount of overlap. Many such numbers are just not
reachable outside the US or require you to use special routing through the
IXC that provides the number.