Digital SNMP pollable thermometers

The GRF has this feature also.

The GRF has this feature also.

As does the OpenROUTE RBX250 midrange router. Seems we all have something
along these lines. The readings will tell you if your HVAC system has
croaked or the cooling fan has died. Best use I've heard today, though, was
knowing how to dress for working in the wiring closet or data center :slight_smile:

We're doing the same here. Didn't know you could do it until recently,
but it is rather neat that they included it.

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> >Can anyone point me out to a vendor which may carry an SNMP pollable
> >thermometer?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >-Golan
> High end (7xxx) Cisco boxes have temperature data available. A friend of
> mine monitors his via SNMP using MRTG, which is a wonderful package.
> -David
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The GRF also lets you know the speed at which each of its three fans are