Digex and Akamai are raping the ARIN whois database

We've whacked a few (< 5 that I know of, 100% kill rate) salespeople
who've taken it on themselves to mail hostmaster@ in the past. I expect
we'll always have that as an issue, training aside.

If there have been problems or are ever problems with something that
looks like spam from Akamai OR an Akamai partner, but for Akamai, I'd
encourage anyone to let me know. The firm commitment is that if there
have been problems in the past, or are problems in the future, with
opt-in lists, that all use will stop and thus the associated headcount
slots will become vacant in marketing...


Avi, I don't think you're getting the fact that the very act of purchasing
a mailing list inherently means that there's no way that the addresses on
that list can be "opt-in". If they had opted in to receiving email from
you, you'd have their email addresses already, and would have no need to
purchase them.

Can you disclose who the list was purchased from? You're taking a big, big
chance when you purchase so-called "opt-in" mailing lists, as this episode
proves. One fudged email address on that list could prove very

Again, as this episode proves.



In my last message I said good things about you. Please don't make me take
them back.

You can't purchase an opt-in list. Period.

That would depend on how the list was built. If the list subscribers signed up knowing that the list would be sold to 3rd party companies then AFAIK it would not be spamming.



Once upon a time, Steven J. Sobol <sjsobol@NorthShoreTechnologies.net> said:

You can't purchase an opt-in list. Period.

You've never left checked the "we may share your address with our
partners" box on a trade rag application (with an address just for those
kind of things)?

There _are_ legitimate opt-in lists. Now, your address may not be on
any of them, but that is a different story.