Device specifically made for high capacity GRE tunnels for dozens of sites


Can anyone recommend a device that will allow for multiple gigabit gre
tunnels with ability to handle up to a million pps?
I know it can be done on a bsd or nix box , or something running junos but
Im looking for something specifically made and tailored for GRE tunnels.


The new Cloud Core routers from Mikrotik might be able to handle this...
Granted they are new, and the ROS (6.0) is not fully baked,
But based on the Specs, these may have enough CPU & Ram oumph to handle what you are asking for.



Faisal Imtiaz
Snappy Internet & Telecom

dedicate an MPC on an MX box? 10gbps of gre, weee!

I don't think you are going to find something made just for terminating
GRE tunnels but the Cisco ASR1000 and the Juniper MX5-MX80 or SRX line can
do what you want.


mx80 (or similar) or ASR. The MX would probably be my preference for just
pushing huge amounts of GRE packets and scales nicely in a single box

Another (somewhat cheaper) Juniper option if you meet its limits is the
EX[34]200's which now do GRE in hardware:

I'd stay clear of the 34s

Look for H3C or HP A series they do gre in hardware (I saw 5820 do 4Gbps
without a problem )